Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dispensary Misuse

Misuse comes up all the time in regards to medical marijuana dispensaries but I ask you who does not also attribute misuse to liquor stores? We don’t talk about closing them down or banning them, or limiting the number. Who does not also attribute the Aurora tragedy to weapon’s misuse? We argue gun control versus the second amendment with great fervor and get nowhere.

You’ve allowed your minds to be tainted by the stigma you’ve given us. I can say ‘liquor store’ in a disparaging way and rattle off a list of general crimes that COULD occur at liquor stores and yet no one will be on my side in wishing to ban them or push them away from schools. It’s a free country, proponents will say, the liquor stores are a symbol of that. But now that the drug is marijuana and not alcohol, suddenly everything has changed. Liquor stores were allowed the cultural shift in your minds; allow dispensaries that same perspective change.

The scenario is often pitched, how many dispensaries in an area are there then compare that to the number of pharmacy stores. Some how this is an argument against dispensaries but no one asks how many liquor stores are in those districts as well and those are ‘bad’ too; you don’t even need extra permission from a licensed medical professional, you just need a government issued ID. Getting marijuana requires extra checks but what do you care about safety really; you just hate who we are.

Whether you know it or not, we all know someone who has used, is using, or will use marijuana; how can you continue to shout in our face your demands while allowing hypocrisies to spring up like weeds using your very own arguments.