Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Case for File Sharing

It can be difficult to be an advocate of file sharing just as some find issues in supporting illegal immigration but, for supporters, it becomes a matter of principle versus conventional thinking. I recently pondered an idea which I wished to share and, as usual, for free (only worth mentioning in instances such as this).

The further oppression towards file sharing implied that those without the means to afford music, films, books, etc. must go without them; our capitalistic nature has made information and culture a commodity to only be had by those able to pay for them. This would create an entire segment of the population ignorant to aspects of society that should be available to all without a nominal or astronomical fee.

Then there's software piracy; it seems like it should be different but, ask yourself this: why is it only those who can afford it be allowed to utilize software that will allow them to startup their own company in commerce or the creative industry? Resources must be widely available across all economic strata to allow flux, to allow an evolution of new ideas, improved business ethics, new rights for consumers; the people must always be empowered to challenge those in power, be it government or corporate.

But where's the solution? Artists, producers, programmers, designers, writers; these people all need to be paid for their efforts. Perhaps free versions of programs could become substantially more prominent, versions that allow users basic but complete usability and those wishing for more can pay for the privilege and customer service. In many ways, this is already occurring in many software areas as part of the open-source movement. For intangibles, like music and films, it's likely just going to come as a compromise somewhere; books (especially eBooks) should never carry a cost.