Sunday, August 7, 2011

Make it Personal

Our society today is too complacent with fitting into neat little categories and boxes; people may follow predictable and graph-able patterns but, at their core, they are still people with individual needs and life experiences. I'm tired of the generic services offered to us; the impersonal help.

While personal training is a laughable topic in the political or social realm, I feel it is important enough to be addressed. People who sign up for personal training pay a lot of money to get what should be training on a more personal or custom made level. What I find, more often then not, is trainers wanting to throw you into a program that seems to work for people like you. But that's not personal service, that's not a tailored program to you; how is that personal training?

By the same vein, I have similar quarrels with the field of psychology. Psychologists are too quick to push pills on the depressed before they even fully talk to a patient; no one is willing to go that extra mile and actually give a crap about anyone under their charge. Psychologists don't have the time to delve into each patient individually and I understand it would mentally kill them if they did but there has to be a balance between cold, callous, and uncaring and totally involved in a patient's life. Especially in psychology, people do not fit into boxes; it's not so simple as stamping someone's forehead DEPRESSED and calling it a day. There has to be more to it than that!

Religion, while not on the same token, I feel has become very categorized. Perhaps I wish to believe in a God that resides in the trees, the plants, and all the living things; that this God connects us all through the natural world and we can commune with him in nature. Maybe I like to commune with a little marijuana; what currently documented God would support that? We need to break away from boxes, from categories, and start forging our own path.

It is only with out-of-the-box thinking that we will be able to thrive. We must challenge what we know, we must force ourselves to think away from what we have become accustomed. The world is changing all around us; embrace it, fight for your change!
On a side note: Watch Visioneers and realize we are on the brink of that being our reality; don't think we aren't because you do so at your own expense. Socially, politically, that film has documented our present and predicted our inevitable future.