Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Plea to the World Court

Your honor, I stand here today as merely a messenger of change; I use words to incite change. Do you honestly believe this country will ACTUALLY fall to anarchy? Look at us, we all got our iPhones and computers; we are dumbed down by corporations and their technology; even I have one, I am apart of the hypocrisy. I wish merely to show the world the terrible existence we've cultivated; we live in our computers and not in real life; girls and boys play stupid games with each other instead of just admitting their natural feelings. I didn't have a girlfriend until I was 24 and we broke up a few months later because I realized, after being blinded for so long, that it wasn't a girl I sought; I sought to show people their impersonal ways.

We are all wearing masks, all the time; who are you really, judge; outside this court room? It's a rhetorical question so please don't object; why do we have to put on these faces? We need to be ourselves all the time and forget what anyone thinks about it. You want to be loved for you; not the front you put up; not what you have or pretend to have. We need to get real with each other; be real, show our true colors, our true selves. Children are the ones that need desperately to 'fit in' but adults, they should be appreciated for the differences they possess; each difference making that person special.

I don't really seek anarchy, your honor. I seek to change us; make us realize that it's okay to be you. Pick your nose, fart in public if it's who you are; show yourselves and allow the world to show themselves to you. We need to always remember that each of us is human. The woman who truly loves a man does not need fancy jewelry but only the love and affection of her mate. A man does not need a blow job from a woman who he truly loves if it is not something she can do. Just the time together and any intimacy should suffice for real people. And switch that around; a woman doesn't need to be eaten out and a man doesn't need fancy, expensive toys from their real love. It's about feeling it, inside; the love for each other. It took my one and only break up to realize what real love is; unconditional love. I found it in my family; maybe some day a girl and I will find it in each other but that's irrelevant.

This is about you; it's about all of us, finding what makes us special and going with it. Why must we be someone else when who we are is more awesome than anything we could ever pretend to be? So you may find me on charges of treason for I've said my piece; if the world agrees then let it be so but I care not what happens to me.