Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rant on a Perfect Society

I realize that much of this is not feasible in modern society and that most people (those wearing 24 hour masks) are too stupid to live without government and too short sided to build a personal, respectful idea of God and religion. That being said, I just wish to stir the pot of political and social change in my direction; it's probably what all radical minded people want but I can only speak for me.

I dream government-free. That is to say, no monetary system, no roads; progress would be at a relative standstill as industrialized countries have progress. It's not a perfect idea but neither is capitalism, neither is communism; it's not one idea, it's a blend of all of them. Governments and leaders, their main goal is maintain control; whatever they do after that is entirely extraneous. To them, our lives are just gravy in their political gravy yacht.

Religion is on us. If you wanna dance to a mantra or hymn, do it because your heart knows and God knows it comes from a place of respect. No idols as unremarkable and 'un-divine' as the next. No more coconuts or tikkas for the diverse group under the category of Hinduism; no ancient books by various 'sages.' Look to the ideals of Buddha who insisted we shouldn't just accept tradition because it's become habitual; question, think for yourself and draw your own conclusions. That's a gross simplification of a brilliant mind but the idea is there; find your own notion of truth.

I am not seeking followers; I just want to live my life as happily as I can and I believe these principles are the basis for that. If this jives with you, read it, change it, apply it to you. If not, move along.

I mean to discuss all religions; I talk about Hinduism because of my day job and because I see the rampant consumerism related to the Hindu faith; perhaps encouraged to stimulate a poor economy. I also see rudeness to service employees and I, unlike Hinduism, do not believe you can 'build up' or 'bank' good karma doing things like pooja. Be kind, first, to the people you see on earth, everyday, then worry about appeasing someone on the next level. Honestly, I cannot think of anything that would appease God more than kindness to your fellow man. I refuse to believe that any iteration of God would not want us to, first, be kind to one another. Your pooja can not and will not save you from your wicked heart.

My idea of God is simple; he is the creator, he is my father and I his son; you are all my brothers, my sisters; animals and people alike. He watches and looks on us; if your heart is pure, if you know you are doing what is just and fair to others and to yourself, then God is with you. Look into the eyes of a baby and smile, if the baby smiles back you may be pure of heart, God may be with you. It's not fool proof, it's not scientific, it's just us...getting back to basics. No books to tell us what is wrong and right, just our conscious; our heart.

I don't like organized religion. I think it is often used to enforce social control, encourages consumerism in the name of religion, and I think our presumed differences of opinion on religion are the cause for at least 90% of the worlds problems. We need to learn to love, learn to live an let live. I read a Scientology pamphlet recently; it claims you are within your rights, as a consumer, to ask an employee to clean themselves. That is not within your rights. Your right is to leave, your right is to complain to a higher authority but you are in no position to make demands of the staff, you are not their employer. Scientology does teach a lot of good morals but so does the other religions; take all their lessons, take what you know and what you learn and make your religion, your personal concept of God.

Religion is personal. It's not something to impose on others; people look to it when they need it, when life brings them to the point where they find acceptance in something more existing. They say we have a spiritual need in us, we may but we can't let it get out of hand. Religion is just for you; follow yours and I'll follow mine. Just don't let yours Jihad, Inquisition, Cleanse, or otherwise bring harm or ill will to my religion.

My religion may be free to do things yours is not; respect this for it is my prerogative as long as I bring no harm upon you. Remember your rights, you can leave the area but you may not impose any ideals upon another. You cannot make them stop doing something you do not agree with as long as they are free to do so. The law is not in your hands, you are not a vigilante; laws are merely constructs of humans, they are not all correct and good citizens always should challenge social control and the removal of rights, ESPECIALLY those which conflict with your own views as those are most important. If you allow the government to take 'their' rights, they will surely come for 'yours.' They chase pot smokers but cigarette smokers are being criminilized now too; the government wants what it wants and, if you don't stand up, it'll take it.

I believe our government, in an attempt to compete with the highly controlled and unquestioning Chinese population, is pushing for clean living free from 'our' drugs in favor of ones they will manufacture.

Things will happen; you can get on a plane and it could crash but that's not God, maybe it's destiny but that's people and that's timing. Factors had to come together so perfectly to ensure it was your flight. I think that does give some merit to destiny but don't forget human error, terrorism, happens. All you can do is live as happily as possible and follow your heart; if an afterlife exists, trust you've earned your place there. Worry not on the sins or perceived sins of others, live only with a close eye on yourself and what you do, what you are all about. Do not try to change others; you must take responsibility for all in your life and change only yourself for no one else has to change themselves for you. In turn, you will not change for them. You are people, living lives differently and we must respect that.

All God has created is for us; the animals live off us as we die and feed the grasses so we, in turn, can respectfully live off the animals. Kill for yourself or trade something you worked hard for just as the hunter worked hard to attain the meat. Grow your own foods or provide the land for others to grow, help with manual labor, and, at harvest time, ask for only what you need for yourself and your family.

Life has become far too much about getting ahead; this comes from monetary ambitions but why? What is money but paper for the artists? What are things? We all have things; I wrote most of this on my iPhone, an expensive phoning device which I even spelled as the mighty corporations would prefer. We are all to blame for this. We are all to blame for this monetary ruled, superficial society. We are all now charged with fixing it.

If you work or own a business and you close at 9:30 and a person comes in at 9:29 with the presumed intention of hanging out for a bit; they deserve your service and time. If you the customer arriving at 9:29, realize the very human-natured hate that looms upon you without one word uttered. Realize you are on borrowed time and that the employees only stay as a courtesy to you and/or they are being forced to do so. Be aware of perception; yours and others.

Pursue your passions. Don't chase money; chase happiness. We need freedom; only the rich are really free to pursue their desires to the point where they have to create new ones. We need change. Artists must be allowed to create regardless of their caste or their class or their financial situation. Their minds are too valuable to waste toiling for a system that has no appreciation for them.

People, we all own Jerusalem and we all own Mecca, we all own Kashmir; we are the people. The land is for us but the only real lien holder is God and he's leasing it to us, all people's of all colors and ideals. We own nothing; our titles and deeds are human creations, they are meaningless.