Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Room for Love in America

As I write, I realize I am a throw-back to the 60's; a stereotypical hippy who basically wants the world to love one another. The retreat from Vietnam changed America; suddenly, cogism and conformity was in, for the greater good. The yuppies, with their business degrees and monetary intent, took over and hippies, with their 'love all' mentality, died out. Today, the hippy influence seems next to none; everyone has accepted money as their first Lord (as our lives are ruled by nothing else).

So why can't we all love each other? Because capitalist business can't run if you actually love all your customers; you'd ruin yourself. Business requires rules and regulations, it requires structure and facelessness to avoid any preferential treatment to any one customer.

This attitude of coveted love carries to other aspects; we make our relationships hard on each other, we make our friendships more difficult. We find letting ourselves go to another person to be too invasive yet all we want to do is physically invade and that practice is much more widely accepted than sharing ourselves, our thoughts and feelings.

We don't philosophize anymore; we don't sit and think for two seconds about the world beyond our reach. When we vote, we vote purely for ourselves; we care for ourselves, we love only ourselves. And money.

This is what America, and the world, has created for today; for our future.