Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You Can't Afford to Be Crazy

On April 16th, 2009; I checked myself into Henry Mayo because I was suicidal at the time for reasons which now seem juvenile but I didn't think that at the time, I just went to save my life that night.

I stayed at the Behavioral Health Unit at Henry Mayo for three days, a standard psychological hold, and, while everything wasn't 'fixed' by being there, I did feel marginally better when I left.

Health insurance is a beautiful thing, they payed most of my bill but that hospital felt the need to prod me continuously for a final thousand dollars (after being paid by my insurance over $15,000). Eventually, this balance was sent to collections where my heartfelt pleas about the nonsense of overcharging the insane fell on deaf ears. How is it that we live in a world where we have to pay to be crazy? Through no fault of your own, you're now you gotta pay!

Business is business but people are also business; business makes people it's business...or at least that's the only kind of business I know how to operate, lest I have no customers.

Look at the world around us; free is a commodity that you don't see anymore. No one does anything for pure pride and accomplishment; it's only about money. Our whole world is just about money; not people, not art; green worthless pieces of paper that we give so much power and even love.

It's not our fault, we live in a world where you can't even stay home without money...everything costs money so, as a result, we all become money grubbing just so we can live in the world we've created.

We have to find a way to bring back the simplest of things; leave these do nothing politics behind and just go back to caring about your neighbor and just being good people. With each passing year, we get farther and farther away from the closeness that makes us strong, lest we only be a collection of States of America.