Thursday, December 27, 2012

Protect and Serve

War is hell but when it’s justified, I suppose it must occur. Our country, however, has been in perpetual war since World War II; perhaps out of some silly notion that constant war keeps us away from the economic depression. It certainly does keep some military industrialist very rich.

Have you heard; we’re renewing our troop efforts in Africa in 2013. Is every other nation out there ‘evil’ in some way? Are we just ‘fixing’ everyone to the ‘holy path,’ the American standard? Are we getting rid of every single terrorist on this planet, assuring ourselves more angry terrorists will arise from the rubble we leave behind.

When the British were killing our ancestors during the American Revolution, I doubt they had much concern for us just as we have little to no concern against combatants and innocents we kill in other countries. Despite being confounding, I guess the selective moral outrage is not unheard of.

Take a look at a history book, those ‘Massacres’ on our homeland at the birth of our nation, whipped us into a fury and, with assistance, we fought back the British to form our great country of America. So why don’t we believe our killings across the globe are doing the same thing, with the gun of repercussion pointed firmly at America’s head?

We need to find the outrage towards our country, towards our government; operating and killing in secrecy as they keep us tied down with arbitrary fiscal cliffs and debating our own civil rights.

Meanwhile, citizens across the globe wait in fear for another American drone attack. They have no time to discuss their rights except their right to live as a human being; the right to not be killed by an American drone for doing nothing wrong except living in a country that isn’t America.

That’s the mentality I grasp from many Americans: God Bless the fact that we were lucky to be born in a country that is currently leader of the world when it comes to killing abroad, and a shame to be you if you were not.

If we are going to police the world, let’s ‘protect and serve’ not ‘seek and destroy.’ Our job is not to create America-friendly areas but to be a world leader and share our influence without arms. If we lead with an example that isn’t death from above or a hail of gunfire, then perhaps the world would not be seeking our demise. Perhaps if we did not rain down terror where we go, it would not be wished upon our country.